Non-accredited centres claiming IATQUO validation

Our attention has been drawn to some schools claiming to be validated by us.

We publish a list of these organisations, as we are made aware of them.

Please send us the addresses you find when you have doubts.

Thanks to all of you who keep us informed.


Up to today all fraudsters have removed their claim to be IATQuO accredited, but keep a vigilant eye as once they are removed from this list, they often put their fake accreditation back.

Certificates obtained through TEFL International since February 2005 are not accredited by IATQuO except the courses delivered by Rome, Barcelona and Phuket until mid 2006.

Prospective trainees must be made aware that some courses are sold under different names, so when they fail to sell under one banner they are being advertised under another one.

If a validation body has no name, no address, no telephone, no link and when you cannot communicate with its “members” beware: this is a scam!

IATQuO certificates all have unique numbers, are embossed individually and we keep a record of all names dates and numbers.

We get calls and e-mails from employers, checking up with us, even if the certificates are several years old.


If you know of others please let us know