Information for Employers

Employing a person with a qualification accredited by IATQuO

iatquo teachersCourses accredited by IATQuO strictly conform to Our Standards and can give evidence of external scrutiny on a regular basis. A person that has successfully completed such a course has followed a course which is based on these five pillars:

  1. There are a minimum of 100 hours of contact between each trainee and tutors. (Most accredited courses have between 120 and 150 scheduled hours, including study time.)
  2. There is adequate coverage of and a satisfactory balance between information and theory – English grammar and phonology, learning styles and teaching techniques – and practical work.
  3. Each trainee teaches a minimum of 6 hours with classes of real learners that are observed and commented on by a tutor.
  4. Tutors are suitably qualified and experienced and academic management is satisfactory.
  5. Premises and resources are of an acceptable standard and sufficient.

The above are criteria which the British Council requires of the initial training of teachers that they employ in their own teaching institutes and of teachers employed by schools accredited by them in the UK.

Courses accredited by IATQuO are visited and monitored/moderated by our specialists on a regular basis, normally every sixth to eighth course, or once a year if there are fewer courses in a year.

The full list of courses that have been validated and moderated by IATQuO are found here.

To query a qualification being presented by a potential employee, please Contact Us.

What IATQuO attempts to achieve for TESOL/TEFL teachers and employers

IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) promotes and maintains internationally acceptable standards in the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

To achieve this we provide initial and ongoing external accreditation/validation services to training organisations who request them. We also encourage training organisations to subscribe to our validation services if they do not already subscribe to them or to any comparable validation or accreditation scheme.

We also provide information on accredited/validated training courses to employers looking for suitably qualified teachers.